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Celebrate 50th Anniversary

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Honeydew Melon Large Jar

Cool slices of vine-ripened, sun-kissed melon delivered right from the farm.
€29.90 €19.95

Lily of the Valley Large Jar

Like a bridal bouquet capturing traditional lily and subtle and soft green notes.
€29.90 €19.95

Orange Dreamsicle Large Jar

A favourite childhood summer treat you never outgrow…a cool blend of orange and vanilla ice cream.
€29.90 €19.95

Rainbow's End Large Jar

The peaceful calm after the storm… a wonderfully balmy, refreshing scent of clear country air.
€29.90 €19.95

Strawberry Large Jar

Ripe and tempting—juicy strawberries bursting with sweetness and kissed with touch of vanilla.
€29.90 €19.95